AVA is a proud partner and approved fitted of Brigade products, the market leader in commercial safety systems.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - Brigade Camera Systems

Brigade Camera Systems

A range of vehicle camera monitor solutions to fit any type of commercial vehicle, for improved safety and security.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - Brigade Object Detection System

Brigade Cycle Safe System

A pioneering and innovative cycle safety solution using the latest safety and warning systems technology to help make the road a safer place for all users.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - Brigade 4 Camera 4G MDR Recording Systems

Brigade 4 Camera 4G MDR Recording Systems

A four-camera Mobile Digital Recorder system consisting of two side cameras (one on each wing), one forward-facing camera, and one reverse camera, plus monitor and hard drive. Providing irrefutable evidence in the case of an incident or insurance claim, cost savings and increased security.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - Brigade 8 Camera 4G MDR Recording Systems

Brigade 8 Camera 4G MDR Recording Systems

The Brigade Mobile Digital Recorder system is also available in an eight-camera variant, providing even greater protection and peace of mind.

Brigade DVS Compliant System

Brigade offer a range of products that can be combined in a complete system to ensure your vehicle meets the requirements of London’s Direct Vision Standard and is fully compliant.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - Brigade Crossrail Compliance Systems

Brigade Crossrail Compliance Systems

Fully comprehensive Brigade vehicle safety systems that meet HS2 Crossrail requirements, ensuring your vehicle/fleet has full access to HS2 sites. As well as mandatory safety requirements, we can advise on recommended vehicle additions.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - Brigade 360 Cameras

Brigade 360 Cameras

The Brigade 360 camera gives the driver a complete bird’s eye view of their vehicle and its surroundings, for maximum visibility and safety.