AVA have specialised in high quality, great sounding audio systems for many years, we are leading suppliers to many of the popular brands and are immensely proud to be a JL Audio Signature Dealer, and an XFire Audio XXC centre. We are fully trained in their products, from the sale, install, and hand over of your vehicle, we can advise on the best product to achieve the desired outcome of the client.

Our audio systems are fully bespoke, so we always suggest a consultation, ever by phone or instore, to discuss the client’s requirements, but we do offer pre-designed systems, brought together from our experience of these vehicles, these can be found in our store.


The heart of any great sound system, allowing integration into factory audio or aftermarket head units, this gives us full control of the presented sound. From signal summing and distribution, time alignment, crossovers, and equalisation. 80% Of our audio installs include a DSP giving us infinite adjustment to tailor the sound to how you want it.


The powerhouse! Our range of amplifiers offer serious power and control over your speakers and subwoofers. From single channel mono amplifiers to multi-channel units, 200watts to 20000watts!


Work Hard, Play Hard! Subwoofers are one of the single biggest additions you can add to your audio system, from compact 6” solutions to 18” monsters. Subwoofers bring the fun, feel it in the seat of your pants enjoyment that rounds off any hi-end audio system.


Reference grade speaker offering clear detailed sound, great power handling and reliability. Available in 3 different ranges and a multitude of sizes, euro-fit and oem replacement means we have a solution for all vehicles and budgets.

BMW Specific Speakers

Designed specifically to suite a wide variety of BMW’s, these direct replacement speakers offer a great non-intrusive upgrade over the standard speakers. Ideally used with our amplifier and sound deadening solutions, these transform the listening experience of your “ultimate driving machine”.