Advanced Vehicle Alarms - Front And Rear Sensors For Commercials and Cars

Front And Rear Sensors For Commercials and Cars

Top quality Steelmate front and rear sensors, for easy parking, reversal and manoeuvring, providing audible warnings with an optional visual display. Can be sprayed to match the colour of your vehicle for a seamless appearance in-keeping with company branding.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - Brigade Ultrasonic Detection System

Brigade Ultrasonic Detection System

Brigade’s ultrasonic proximity sensors reduce blind spots and improve driver visibility to minimise risk of collisions and avoid vehicle damage. The detection system alerts the driver of both moving and stationary obstacles using an audible and visual warning in the cab with an optional external speaker to warn pedestrians/cyclists of vehicle turning/reversing.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - Brigade Object Detection System

Brigade Object Detection System

Brigade’s Backsense radar object detection system is perfect for heavy industries using plant equipment and machinery where terrains are harsh, vehicles exposed to the elements, visibility is often decreased and blind spots are typically much larger and also occur at the front of the vehicle (particularly where driver is elevated).

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - Brigade Reversing Alarms

Brigade Reversing Alarms

The rear blind spot is a huge workplace hazard, with reversing vehicles responsible for a significant proportion of workplace deaths. Brigade reversing alarms warn anyone in the path of a reversing vehicle using white noise frequencies that ensure the listener can locate where the sound is coming from, for maximum safety.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - Brigade Speaking Alarms

Brigade Speaking Alarms

Brigade’s Backchat speaking alarms replicate human speech with high clarity, with standard alerts for reversing and handbrake warnings, with bespoke message options available and settings for night-time use.