AVA have been supplying and installing physical security from the outset, first installing Yale M69 locks to passenger and commercial vehicles way back when! Since then, physical security has come on leaps and bounds, and we can now offer a wealth of cutting edge products. Bespoke solutions are also available for all types of commercial vehicles, just get in touch to discuss availability and for expert advice. Below are some examples of the types of solutions we can offer.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms


These are mechanical, driver-operated lock systems that utilise a locking bolt engaging into the opposite body section/door. Compact, discrete and vehicle-specific, this is our most popular additional to commercial vehicles and can be mounted in lower or higher positions. These systems significantly raise the security level of a vehicle and have saved thousands of tradesmen’s tools and equipment from theft.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms


An essential of the global delivery industry, the slamlock was designed for multi-drop couriers or operations where the driver is regularly disembarking/entering a vehicle and/or load area. Utilising the OE lock mechanism, the slam lock safeguards against the driver forgetting to lock the door: once the door shuts, it automatically locks and can only be reopened with the key/fob, minimising the possibility of theft. AVA can provide both mechanical and electronic variants.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms

Slam Handles

These replace your standard OE handle with a powered, coated steel variant with an integrated slamlock, meaning that the slamlock becomes your means for entering the vehicle – the handle is now steel. These are an extremely popular addition, particularly on Renault/Vauxhall/Nissan vehicles, where thieves can simply pull off the original handle to gain access to the lock mechanism and open the door.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms

Ford Replacement Locks

Developed specifically for Ford vehicles from the year 2000 to date, these high-security barrels and bezels have been designed to replace the OE door barrel, which are vulnerable to picking or forcing. For added convenience, these can be keyed to match other security locks installed to your Ford vehicle, enabling you to use the same three keys for your security package.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms

Shielding Kits

As security develops, sadly so too do the thieves, who are now using methods previously unseen in the commercial vehicle sector, such as gaining access to manufacturers’ locking systems by either punching or drilling holes in the bodywork to access the lock and open the door. Lock shields are the solution; they generally consist of an external and internal plate that guards the factory lock, protecting it against drilling and punching. A further advantage is, if you are unlucky enough to have your vehicle targeted, any damage caused is covered, saving on expensive body shop repair bills.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms

Statement/Ultimate Locks

Ultimate by name, ultimate by nature! These externally mounted locking systems brace two doors together, or the door to the opposing pillar, by bolting into position. When mounted in a higher door position (where applicable), this helps to prevent peeling the doors over. Two variants are available, deadlock or slamlock, and can be keyed to match other locks installed in the vehicle.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms

Shutter Locks

These are specifically designed for Luton-style or shutter-type vehicles and offer improved security over the usual low-cost products fitted at build. We offer both keyed (available keyed alike to other security products) or electronic variants with automatic locking and either remote or key tag access.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - Armaplate


Armaplate locks are a fantastic solution used by fleet operators nationwide – the system completely encases the lock barrel and surrounding areas and is then bolted securely to the door, with no moving parts or keys, and no need for driver activation, providing 24/7 security.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - Cat Locks/Cat Guards

Cat Locks/Cat Guards

ArmaCat cat locks available for a wide range of vans, and works by encasing the CAT/DPF in an ISO9001-compliant clamp made from high-grade stainless steel to prevent theft. In addition to high-security fixings, the device comes with a super-strong stainless steel cable to secure it to the chassis.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - OBD Guard

OBD Guard

An innovative piece of hardware specifically designed to protect your OBD port, with custom wiring for seamless integration into any vehicle.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - Ignition Guard

Ignition Guard

A high-quality, secure ignition guard to prevent the vulnerable ignition barrel from being damaged or forcefully removed, secured with durable fixings.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - ECU Shields

ECU Shields

A specific type of high-security shield and fixings specifically designed to prevent attacks on the Electrical Control Unit under the bonnet, by stopping thieves from removing wheel arches and plastic wings to expose the ECU, disable the alarm and start the vehicle with a matched key.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - Spare Wheel Locks

Spare Wheel Locks

A variety of durable, high-security spare wheel locks and guards protecting against the increasing problem of theft of exposed spare wheels stored under vans and other vehicles.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - Any Bespoke Vehicle Locking

Any Bespoke Vehicle Locking

If none of the standard locking and security solutions meets your needs, we can design and install a high-quality bespoke vehicle locking/security system for your particular vehicle or purpose.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - Damage Repair Plates

Damage Repair Plates

If your vehicle has previously been the target of an attack or theft attempt, there is likely to be resultant damage to the lock and surrounding area. Armaplates cover up any damage whilst also providing additional protection to your van, encasing the vulnerable locking mechanism.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms - Pedal Box

Pedal Box

A further guard against keyless theft and a quick and easy solution to install, pedal box locks prevent any unauthorised driving of a vehicle by covering the pedals with a pedal box and locking it into position. The pedal box can then be unlocked by an authorised driver with a key.